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Very basic setup question.

Question asked by ThomasMcvicar on Oct 25, 2013
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Very basic setup question.


     I am attempting to design and create a database of horse racing data and results. The data comes in 2 comma delimited files:

     entries file

     results file

     I originally planned to just have a flat database and use sort functions to find the data I need. Thinking about what I eventually want to accomplish I realized I need to create a relational database.

     My first table would have a record for each race. (date, track, distance etc etc etc)

     My second table would have a record for each horse that was entered in each race.

     Here is my basic question:

     Each race in table 1 (race table) would be assigned a unique record ID. Would I then use that record ID in my second table for each horse that was in that sepcific race?

     I am in no way a programmer and I am working my way though several filemaker pro books and tutorials but the concepts are foreign to me. I know this is the most basic of questions but appreciate any responses.


     Thomas M.