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Very Basic Summary Field Question

Question asked by Peterwhitley on Aug 11, 2011
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Very Basic Summary Field Question


I'm a FMP beginner. (That will be painfully apparent in just a moment.) I'm using FMP11 for Mac.


I'm working on a database that contains information about various communities. There are currently 1,300 records that contain about 250 data fields. I've created a "dashboard" layout that I hope to use to return various statistics, (summaries and caculations), on the table's data.



Some of the summaries elude me. My FMP knowledge is sub-rudimentary.

Desire: To return the total number of records in the table. I've accomplished this by creating a summary field called "total_entries" that computes "count of ID". (ID is an automatically generated field that all new records get.) This summary field works perfectly.

Desire: To return the total number of records that contain specific data in one field. I'd like the field in my dashboard layout to show the total number of records in the table that contain "Y" in a specific field. In the dashboard view, for example, the narrative would read, "Total number of applicatants that have a high school education: <number>"

I have not been successful with the second challenge. I'd thought it might be as easy as creating a calculation like "count of highschoolgrad = Y" or something like that. Clearly that's not the correct syntax. (I wish it were.)

For reasons beyond my understanding I cannot find clear instruction on how to return the count of records for a field containing a specific bit of text.

Any guidance or advice (beyond RTFM) would be hugely appreciated!