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VERY excited, yet.....

Question asked by RainShyneMorpheus on Oct 10, 2011
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VERY excited, yet.....



I'm a Passion Parties Independent Consultant, and I'm really happy to have found this program!  I did the entire tutorial, so I understand the basics, but I'm not sure how to set up my database!  Can anyone help?  I know the info that I have, and I know the "reports" that I want to run, but i have NO IDEA what the best way to enter the data is!  Also, I want to create a catalogue of all the items in our catalogue, but do I have to do that in a different database?  Oy.



Client name, address, phone #s, email

Date of the party

Hostess of the party (if the person was a hostess, i need additional info to pop up)


This party booked from (previous hostess' name)

Party amount

Hostess Rewards (i have a list of different ones)

Hostess Credits (if these could populate in the form that'd be great)

Hostess Discounts (if these could populate in the form that'd be great)

Number of parties booked (and their names & ph#)

Items the client purchased (item #, product name, quantity, price)

Items rec'd at the party

Items to be shipped

Merch total


Taxes (12%)


Less hostess credit

Less discount

Final total

Method of payment (cash, cheque, debit, Visa, MC)

Credit card#

Expiry date

CVC Code

Signature received

Date last called


I need to be able to find all this data in many different ways, so here we go:




Bring up a list of client names and the last time I called them

Bring up a single client and see her entire purchase history (just the items she purchased), the last party I saw her at (meaning she made a purchase at that party), every party I saw her at, the first party I met her at, whether or not she's booked a party, and if so, the date of that party

Bring up a list of which items i've sold, how many, and to who (meaning when i click on or bring up that item, i get a list of names of women who've purchased that item)


As you can see, I'm a tad overwhelmed!  I don't know how to create this database!  If someone, anyone, can help me, I would love you forever!!!!!