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    Very new - Please help



      Very new - Please help


           Hi ,

           I am very new to Filemaker and am trying to make a form letter in Filemaker pro that mailmerges the fields that I set. The problem I am finding is that on some of the records the fields are so far away from each other and in some instances the fields are to short , cutting off the rest of the name or address etc...  IS there anyway to make the fields adjust automatically to the information contained in them so my address' do not come out looking like:

           Mr.     John                Smith

           123 Highla blvd

           Salem            .           NH  .    

           Thanks for any help

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               Enter Layout Mode.
               Click the Text tool (Capital T) then click your layout where you want this information.
               Select Merge Field from the Insert menu and use it to insert each of these fields on your layout.
               Edit the resulting text to position them where you want them. You can insert additional text between the fields, such as a comma between City and State as needed. You can press the return key to move fields down to start the next line.
               Check the results in Browse Mode. You can return to Layout mode and resize this block of layout text and merge fields if you see that some data is being cut off.
               The resulting data is "read only" you cannot directly edit the contents of a merge field.

               This is the simplest approach. It doesn't always work if you have a line for a field that does not always contain data such as a second address field. In those cases, it is sometimes necessary to define a calculation field to use for your block of address information in order to format it as needed.