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Very new to all of this

Question asked by spectre6000 on Jun 19, 2009
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Very new to all of this


I'm using FileMaker Pro 10. I'm new to FileMaker and databasing as a whole. I'm thoroughly stumped.


I'm trying to create a relationship between two tables: Investors and Assets. Each investor owns a portion of many assets, and each asset is owned by many investors (not all investors own all assets). I need to be able to tie a number of investors to a number of assets by varying percentages that are more or less unique to each asset/investor


i.e. Asset 1 is owned by 25% Investor A, 10% Investor B, and 65% Investor C, Asset 2 is owned by 10% Investor A, 35% Investor D, and 55% Investor E, and so on.

i.e. Investor X owns $$$ worth of assets (A% of asset 1 + B% of asset 2 and so on.


I've searched here, read the Missing Manual, called support, and beat my head against the keyboard. None of this has helped.


A final caveat, I don't know the jargon yet.


Any and all help is very much appreciated. Thank you.