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Very simple image database.  How best to do it?

Question asked by GFS on Jul 2, 2011
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Very simple image database.  How best to do it?


I posted a couple of other questions ... but really I'm amazed at how much trouble I'm having doing this.  True I hardly use FM these days ... but still.

This is what I want to do :

I'm judging a photo competition and want to build a simple databse for voting/counting votes.

There will be 24 images in 4 rows of 6.  I want this layout to reflect A3 prints we will be using.

I want to be able to :

1/ Click an image to increase its vote count (option-click to decrease)

2/ Have the images show a red surround when within the 5 highest counts (conditional formatting)

3/ Have a field sitting over them, to obscure them with red when they have been eliminated from the voting.

That's all!!

What would be the best way to do this?

I'm having trouble with using portals and getting the layout 4x6 ... or ... avoiding having 24 scripts and getting a field (formatted as a button) to do the voting with.