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Very slow client behaviour on new machine (WinXP SP3)

Question asked by bonnyr on Feb 23, 2009
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Very slow client behaviour on new machine (WinXP SP3)





I've been asked to upgrade a friend's laptop and one of the applications on the old laptop was one

of their business critial applications, based on FileMakerPro 4 (Yes I know, it's old).


Everything installed smoothly and FM Pro works, however it is very slow to open files from a server
and navigation between forms that are backed by different files takes a long time. I compared this 
to the old installation on the old laptop and it's about 4 times slower (forms take seconds to open
on the new machine, but instantanous on the old one, connected onto the same network). Also
other clients on the same network behave well, and the number of licenses has not been exceeded.

The new machine is a Dell Latitude E5500 and it's running WinXP SP3. I've disabled whatever firewall
software I could find to no avail. Other networked software does not seem to suffer from the same
issue at all, so I'm assuming there's something going on in FMPro. The networking option chosen
was tcp/ip.



Would anyone have a suggestion of something to try? Is there a setting somewhere I can alter,
or something I should watch for?

Any help would be appreciated.


Bonny Rais