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Very slow Performance when creating a portal row

Question asked by hickam on Feb 17, 2009
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Very slow Performance when creating a portal row


I am entering a key serial ID into a field (In a field in a portal row) to display related information in other fields also in the portal row. The portal table has a large number of "behind the scenes" fields (that are used in other processes) but only five fields in the portal row. Of the five fields, two of the fields are from child/related tables. So, when I enter the key field and tab to the next field it takes about 3 seconds to give control back to the user. Since this is designed for 10 key data entry it needs to be much faster- instantaneous. I suspected that the two fields in the portal row that bring in information from two other tables could be the culprit but after having deleted those from the portal row it still takes a long time to create the new row and give control back to the user. I have looked over all the fields in the table but none of them stand out as a possible culprit since they are tied to processes "down stream". Any ideas why this takes so long?