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Very Slow Response on VM Server

Question asked by fmvet on Dec 11, 2011
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Very Slow Response on VM Server


We're testing FM on a new server set-up and have run into an issue that is causing us to reassess whether we can do FM programming/editing remotely on a server-hosted DB.

Some basic background: FMP 11.0v4 (not FMP Server) running on Windows VM server, accessed by FMP 11.0v4 running remotely on Mac OS 10.7.2 via a VPN network connection. Database on server has ~315,000 records, each with ~25 variable. We are currently in the development phase. When in production, we will have only about 8 users, hence the choice of FM Pro rather than FM Pro Server.

In general, this set-up seems to provide good response - most processes are relatively quick (e.g., open DB, search, add field to file, etc.). One process is incredibly slow, however. Using the remote connection, we created a record ID field, and then "Replace Field Contents ..." with a serial number. If I had not canceled it preemptively, this seemingly-simple process would have taken ~8 hours (!); while it is running it prevents any other programming/editing. This is an unacceptably slow response, which is making us reassess the server configuration.

As a test, I ran the same process on a similar database on a "local" MacBook Air, which took less than a minute, a pretty dramatic difference.

Any idea why the remote process was so slow? Would using FMP Server, or FM Advanced as the "local" version, have made any difference?

All thoughts, comments, advice would be appreciated.