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Very specific layout needs causing me to be confused about how to relate tables - please advise

Question asked by JackieM on Aug 9, 2013
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Very specific layout needs causing me to be confused about how to relate tables - please advise


     First time poster, new to FileMaker. I may have bit off more than I can chew and my deadline is next week!

     I've made a basic customers, products, and sales associates database for my company. However, the user interface has some complex requirements, and I'm not sure what tables to create and how to relate them so that the end product functions the way our company wants it. Basically, our company doesn't want our current ordering system to change, just for one facet of it to go from paper forms to electronic forms via Filemaker.

     How things are now:

     Our current ordering system is based on order forms that display all the products within given brands. Sales associates don't have to remember product names, availability, item codes, etc - they just look at the form and write in quantities. These order forms are then processed into invoices by other staff. A regular order placed by a customer may include copies of a few different brand order forms, or just one.

     How the company wants the finished FileMaker interface:

     The same order form structure. There must be a facsimile of each brand's 'order form' within the interface for sales associates. When they place an order for a customer, they must be able to select which order forms they need and fill in quantities. Then ideally they could save only the order forms they used as an 'order packet,' or job if you prefer, and email this packet as a pdf.

     I have attached a screen shot of the table graph that I think can get me what I want, but I am very unsure about making 'Order Forms' their own table.

     Please let me know what you think!

     EDIT: I guess it didn't upload the image the first time...