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    videos from portal



      videos from portal


      Hi all

      i have a portal that has a field linked to video.  

      The portal links to a layout that has a number of video records.  on this layout the video is enlarged so that it can be watched

      In the portal the video image is small and plays only in that size of the container field.  what do i need to do so that when i click on the video it either plays in a larger size or goes to the layout and relevant that has this video already in a size that is comfortably viewable?


      if i am needing to do a script can someone walk me through how this is done.


      Many thanks



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          You can use button setup... to turn your container field into a button.


          In button setup, you can specify Go To Related Record (GTRR) as the singe script step performed when the button is clicked.


          With the GTRR step selected, click specify and make the choices you need so that the step looks something like this:


          Go To Related Record [Show Only Related Records ; From table: "//put your portal's table name here" ; Using Layout: "//Put the name of your portal table's layout"]


          This will switch you to the other layout with just the record matching the portal row you clicked so that you can use this layout to display the video in a larger format.


          Note: this is a "safe" use of GTRR. For warnings on the dangers of GTRR in other uses, check the filemaker help system in Filemaker 11 or click the link to the following thread:


          The Complete Go To Related Record

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            Perfect!! Thankyou very much