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    Videos in portals



      Videos in portals



      I've just installed FM Pro 14 Adv in my Mac and started to build a kind of journal.

      The idea is that for each new record I'd have associated videos and pictures. So I built a portal, and for my surprise I found out that  the Interactive Contents don't work in portals. It's a serious setback and I'm sure there is a way to do this. I wouldn't dream to think that Filemaker can't do simple thing like that... Can you help me finding a way to watch a video directly in my portal? Thank you.






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          Could you imagine a portal that lists the records of a table of content... in your case the content would be videos or pictures. At the side (or anywhere you want) there could be a button that takes you to the actual record with the content (video), and a button that brings you back to the record contains a portal of all your video records. See attached file.