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    View a PDF File



      View a PDF File


           On a previous database that I made, I had .tiff files that I wanted to be able to view in the database. I had the links to the files in an excel spreadsheet in which I put image:\ before the hyperlink in order for the image to come up in the database when the field was made a container field. Therefore the excel information could be viewed along with the tiff file. 

           I am trying to create a similar database only the files that I have this time are orginally in a .pdf file format. Is there a way to similarly make these PDF images show in my new database?

           Thank you. 

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               Insert them into a container field. If optimized for interactive use--a Filemaker 12 settting on the inspector's data tab, you can view the PDF in the container field. There are also ways to interact with a PDF in a container field to open a copy of the file in the OS designated default application--usually Adobe Reader. Export FIeld Contents is the most reliable way to do that.