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    View and magnify images in a dbase



      View and magnify images in a dbase


      I want to create a Jewelry dbase where I can select the image in the record and then magnify it full screen and then go back to the record with details.  Just need an idea of how to add this "maximize the image" button. I also want to bring in this 640x480 image, have a thumbnail displayed, and then the full size will be 640x480.

      I also then want to use with Filemaker Go on the Ipad as a selling tool around the store.

      Any help will greatly be appreciated.

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          If you put your image in a container field, you can put a small sized copy of this field on one layout as your "thumbnail" and you can put a large size copy of it on a different layout as your "close up".

          You can add a button to switch to the "close up" layout and another button on the close up layout to switch you back.

          For faster performance on your iPad, you may want to use two container fields and put a lower resolution copy of the image in the thumbnail sized container field so that a layout listing many such thumbnails will display quicker. (Creating the lower resolution copy requires using an image editing program as you can't edit images in FileMaker.)