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      In the "Manage Database" window in the upper right corner is an option for viewing fields. Is there a way to lock the choice?  I want to ALWAYS view by "field name" or at least as a default that will not change unless I change it on purpose.  Somehow this choice seems to change and I can't figure out how.


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          Are you working on a hosted database? If so then the field order opens at first as whatever it was when the file was last offline, single user (like globals). You have to take the file down to reorder it so it will stick; also remember to reset the order before you close the file, if you've altered it; hard to always remember.

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            I am working on a server hosted file.  So you recommend taking the server off-line and opening the file locally on the server machine and setting the view to "field name", properly closing the file then re-opening it from the server?  I'll try it after work today.  Thanks a million!  Mark