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    View categories in a portal



      View categories in a portal


           I have the following relationship set up. I want to have a portal in my inventory which will show me the Amazon categories for each book and their related Abe categories. The portal won't show me any fields. Any ideas why not?


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               Your Abe Category join table.... Is not set up to join.


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                 If you want both sets of categories in the same portal, they should come from the same table. If you want two portals, one for Abe and one for Amazon, link the join tables for each directly to Inventory.

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                   That is working for me now. I imported my concatanated field records  from category::category into the AmazonCategory. I imported the matching abecategory fields into AbeCategory::abecategory. I set AbeCategory category field and the AmazonCategory::category fields to have unique values only so that there would be no duplication. For some reason it didn't turn out the way I expected it to. 

                   Many of my records that had a list of Amazon categories when they were concatanated now have no categories. So I must have done something wrong. Can anyone suggest a way to copy the concatanated categories I have in my category::category field into AmazonCategory?

                   Also I want to be able to update the portals when I'm in inventory. At the moment the portal is telling me that I can't do this becuase abeCategory is a unique field. Should I change the setting?

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                     With unique values specified, importing records where the value matches a value in an existing record will prevent that record from being imported.

                     I don't see how the "unique values" rule is keeping you from editing your categories unless you are entering a value that is not unique.

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                       Yes I was entering a category number that was not unique. All of the categories numbers can be related to several products. That is why I have a join table set up. I'd like, when I'm looking at a book to be able to add additional category numbers to it by simply typing in a category number into a portal. I'd also like to be able to add AmazonCategory names and their corresponding AbeCategory numbers to appear in the portal. Will this work with two separate portals? Do I need to have AmazonCategory and AbeCategory in the same table for this to work?

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                         I think you need them in the same table, but without the unique values setting.

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                           If I have an AmazonCategory called books > Europe > Ireland this can relate to AbeCategory 1 and 2 and possibly more. How could this work if they are in the same table if  I don't know how many AbeCategories it's going to match?

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                             I don't have a clear enough understanding of what your Amazon and Abe categories are and how they need to function to answer the question.

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                               I download the source code of Amazon's product pages and I scrape information from these pages including a list of categories. Each book might have three lists of categories. So I had this list of categories download directly into a table called category that was linked to my inventory table. This was linked by the product-id key field. Each of the records in inventory had a return separated list of categories attached to it in one field called category::category. All of my 6200 records have AmazonCategories.

                               I also copied into about 1700 of our 6000 records category codes from Abebooks.com. These category codes correspond to named categories. When I enter these codes Abebooks.com display my books in the selected categories. It was a tedious process. I can enter my books in as many categories as I want on abebooks.com. It is a tedious process.

                               So sku 1 might be have


                               books > Ireland > Biography

                               books > Ireland > History





                               What I wanted to do was to:

                               separate the return separated list of Amazon categories into separate records called AmazonCategory.

                               See these records in a portal.

                               Match the 1700 Abecategory numbers already entered to intelligently update all of my inventory records.

                               E.g. All records that have the AmazonCategory "books > Ireland > Biography" will be given AbeCategory numbers 1, 2 and 3.

                               Do I have the right relationship structure? Or what would be the best type of relationship to set up for this?

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                                 books > Ireland > Biography

                                 Looks like three category values at three levels. Other products you might offer for sale on Amazon might not be a member of the books category. And some books you sell might not be a part of the Ireland category and some books in the Ireland category might not be biographies....

                                 And how would the abe values match up to these?

                                 Might it be 1 = "book", 2 = "Ireland" and 3 = "Biogrpahy"?

                                 Note that the amazon categories are Hierarchical, but the abe categories (from what little I see here) might or might not be hierarchical.

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                                   Each Abe category number relates to a word. "Book" is not categorised. Unfortunately there are no exact matches in many cases between the categories on Amazon and on Abe even though Amazon owns both companies. So I matched the Amazon category strings as best as I could for the first 1700 records. 

                                   I do have an fmp7 database somewhere that has all the category codes and their matching names. If I could separate all of the individual amazon category names I had into records that accept unique values I could then import the matching Abe category numbers using a new field that uses the individual categories as the matching field. But then many nearly exact fields would not map over. 


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                                     Before we do any such thing, an understanding of the conceptual issues to your categories are critical.

                                     The Hierarchical nature of the Amazon categories is something that has to be looked at and carefully analyzed before you try implementing the same categories in FileMaker.

                                     Then we have to figure out the relationships between those categories and the 1,2, 3, ... of your abe categories, if any.

                                     My main point being that "Ireland" isn't just an Amazon category, it's a subcategory of the books category.

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                                       At least that's how I'm interpreting this, but I may not be correct in that analysis.

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                                         I'm not sure if it matters. Amazon don't allow us to categorise our books to them. They take care of that side. They put my books in the categories that they choose. I think what matters is how I match the individual category words that I have, from Amazon, to Abe's category words and numbers. They allow me to choose how I categorise our books. 

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