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View Changes After Find Mode

Question asked by SibenMadze on Apr 18, 2011
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View Changes After Find Mode


Hi there, I'm using FMP 11

for some reason on one of my layouts after I perform a find in find mode the screen goes part way down the layout so when it returns to browse mode it's not at the top of layout...

The find is performed in a script used to navigate between layouts using the value from a pop up field located at the top of the layout (TABLE::NAV ID). The Value from the pop up is a serial generated ID of the record in the layout that the script is navigating to.

Here's the script:

Set Variable [$GoToID; Value:Getfield ( "NAV ID" )]

If [Get ( ActiveLayoutObjectName ) = "GO TO EVENTS"]

 Go to Layout ["EVENTS" (EVENTS)]

 Show All Records

 Enter Find Mode[]

 Set Field [EVENTS::ID; $GoToID]

 Perfrom Find []

End if

not a huge deal but it's mildly anoying and it doesn't do this on any of my other layouts even though they're all populated with objects of the exact same dimensions.