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view container filed files in large

Question asked by nolak37 on Feb 16, 2010
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view container filed files in large




I have 2 tables PT (patients) and PT_Files relater through PT_ID.


on PT_Files i have 4 fields

File  (container Field)

Name (text)

Date (date)

PT_ID (number)


On a layout Showing records from PT I added a portal displaying records from PT_Files and then created a new layout for PT_Files where the container field is large allowing you to see the picture inserted.


On the PT layout i created the File field into a button and have it go to related record in new window.


everything works fine the way i wanted except I figures it would be easier considering i have the space to view the large file on the same layout but i cannot figure out how to do this.


I added the File field next to the container and made it large, then anchored it in all directions so the user could stretch it out but the field shows only the first file and wont change when i click on the other related fields from the portal


Can someone please help? Im not sure if what i want is possible but it would be nice to know for sure