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    View PDF file in container



      View PDF file in container


      Good afernoon.

      I use FMPRO 12

      I have two questions: when I click on a pdf file thats stored in a container, the file will not open. How can I solve this? Second question: is it possible that this pdf files opens automaticly in the container?

      Best regards

      Tom (The Netherlands)








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          If the container field is optimized for interactive content on the current layout, you can view the pages of the PDF right in the container field.

          If you want to open the PDF in Preview (macs) or the default PDF reader application, you can use export field contents with the option selected to automatically open the exported file. You can use a button to do this or use button setup in the format menu to turn your container field into a button that does this.


          if you use Insert File with the "store a reference" option selected to insert a reference to the file in the container field, the container does NOT specify external storage AND the field is not optimized for interactive content, you can double click the field to open it in your system's default application for PDF files.