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view records by field result

Question asked by willrollo on Aug 16, 2011
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view records by field result



I am a novice and need some help on a few quite simple questions. I have racked my brain but unsuccessful as yet with a perfect solution.

I am trying to emulate a similar database to the MYOB accounting (mow Mamut software).

My "List" layout has a header at the top with buttons reading "Customer", "Supplier", "Employee"' and "All". (See att)

Underneath, in List view, I have the 25 or so Records with fields such as Name, Telephone and email. (no records imported yet in the attachment)

I want to be able to click on each of the buttons in the header (customer, supplier etc) to show the related records in the list below. 

What do I need to do to show this? 



In the "new record" layout I have designed, I have a drop down list  (field is called TYPE) that users can choose to determine which category the record should be under (see above, customer, supplier etc). If they select supplier , for example, is there a way to allow a new set of fields to appear that were previously hidden as would not apply to the other categories? Eg, trade discount..




Is there anyway to be able to double click on a record in my "List" Layout to then open it up in a new window? So it can be viewed/edited...


Hope you can help me as I am at a loss!


The ability to use the drop down menu to select the category of record is important so hopeful yet e answer to my first point will reflect this.

Thank you for your time...


I have attached images of my "new record" layout and also my "list" layout mentioned in point 1.