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View the results of a find in a specific layout?

Question asked by Varndawl on Dec 13, 2012
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View the results of a find in a specific layout?


Hopefully this is an easy question.smiley

     First, a little additional info for clarification: I'm using IWP with FM12 Pro (not Advanced) so I'm planning to disable (or hopefully hide) the status area/tools at the top and use buttons to navigate around the site.

     When users click on the "Search" button I have created, it takes them to a custom search page (Button Script: Go to Layout, Enter Find Mode). This page contains only the basic info: search by Last Name or search by Record Creation Date. Then there's a "Get My Results" button at the bottom of that page (Button Script: Perform Find). All of that works GREAT - except I want to be able to view my results in another layout that lists all of the results with more fields than just the search fields I allowed. do I view the results of a find in a particular layout?