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    Viewing a list view inside of a layout view



      Viewing a list view inside of a layout view


      I always appreciate the help I receive from this forum and hope that it has moved me from beginner to intermediate.

      I cannot solve this seeming simple problem however.

      I have a medical record database solution. The face page (see image) has one patient's name and demographics (left), but I would like a list view of all of my patients (right), broken down by alphabetical chunks or groups, in tabs. (Eventually being able to just scroll through the list, double click on a name, and bring that patient's record up. However, I cannot seem to get my head around how to do this using a portal. Any thoughts?


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          What tables do you have in place for this data?

          I see a table occurrence named "patient chart" and another named "Patient List Table". Layout Setup | "Show records from" will list "Patient Chart" and Portal Setup... | "Show related records From" will show "Patient List Table".

          Are these separate tables or occurrences of the same data source table? From what I see in the screen shot, it would make sense for these to be two occurrences of the same table.

          Data source tables are the items listed on the left hand side of the Tables tab in Manage | database.

          Table occurrences are the "boxes" found on the relationships tab and listed on the right hand side of the tables tab.

          The relationship between the two, along with any portal filters you created, is what will control what records appear in the portals in your tab control.

          If you define this relationship:

          Patient Chart::anyfield X Patient List Table::anyField

          A portal to Patient List on your Patient Chart layout will display all records from Patient List. You can then add portal filters in portal set up such as:

          Let ( L = Left ( Patient List Table::Patient_List_Patient_Names ; 1 ) ; ( L > "A: ) And ( L < E ) )

          Can then be used on the portals in each tab to limit the names displayed to only those falling in a specified range.

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            Thank you very much for your response. It sounds like you answered my question and then some by telling me how to do the alphabetic filter. 

            To clarify: The layout you are looking at is "Patient Chart." It really is the face sheet or starting point. Tables in that record include the one listed (Patient Name_C). Ideally, I would have had the portal show the last names or simply the Patient Name_C listings, but the portal set up doesn't let me refer directly to records on the same template. Therefore, I set up another separate layout: "Patient List Table" that simply held all the record occurences of Patient Name_C. I was hoping my portal would show those. It sounds like I need to have a relationship: Patient Chart::Patient Name_C X Patient List Table::Patient List?

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              I can't tell from your description what you actually did. There are three different objects in a FileMaker database that default to the same exact name unless you rename them: tables, layouts and table occurrences. When you create a new table, the database automatically creates a new table occurrence of the same name that refers to the new table as its data source table and then creates a new layout of the same name that refers to the new table occurrence in "show records from" in layout setup.

              I'd open Manage | Database | relationships, and make a new table occurrence of Patient Charts by clicking it and then clicking the duplicate button (2 green plus signs). I'd then double click the new occurrence box to get a dialog to appear to rename the new occurrence box as Patient List.

              This does not not duplicate a table. Instead, this is a new table occurrence, a reference to the same data source table named Patient Charts already present in your database.

              When you use the cartesian join operator in a relationship, you most often can use any field on either side of the relationship. That's why my example used "anyfield" as the field name. You could even define a dummy field in this table, use it for the relationship and then delete the dummy field. The relationship would still work.

              To learn more about table occurrences, you can see this tutorial: Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences?

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                I doublicated the table occurence as directed and named it "The Patient List" (graphics below), yet i'm still not showing anything in my portal, despite referencing that table.

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                  Wheres the relationship with the cartesian join operator ( x ) specified linking Patient Chart to The Patient List?

                  Looks like you need to drag from a field in Patient Chart to a Field in The Patient List, then double click the relationship line this action creates so that you can open a dialog where you can change = into X.

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                    Got it. That was what was missing. Thanks. Now I'm going to tinker with the calculation to get just the "A's through E's" on the first tab etc. 

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                      I just wanted to say thanks for helping me through this problem!