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Viewing Data Via ODBC

Question asked by SmallTown on Nov 2, 2009
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Viewing Data Via ODBC


FM Server 9v3 advanced/FM Pro 9v3 Advanced/ FM Pro 9v3. Using XP sp3 and 2003 Server sp2 / already added ODBC data driver and called it "AccessFile"..    Trying to view data from another server that the data is updated continuously. Trying to add a table to my data base from the File>Manage>Database>Relationship tab! I select "add odbc data source" and I select the Name "AccessFile". When I click the continue button the "Edit Data Source" window opens and I select Ok and Filemaker gives me an error "The ODBC data source you have selected is not supported."  But if I go to File>ImportRecords>select ODBC and choose "AccessFile" it brings up the tables to select and the fields in those tables. Must be missing something, I thought I could access other tables via ODBC and have a live connection to the data and view only in FM. Help is needed!