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Viewing numerous summary fields at once using FP7

Question asked by tamarisk on Feb 17, 2010
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Viewing numerous summary fields at once using FP7


I am using FP7 which I think only allows me to view summary fields in preview mode. This limits the number shown on screen to the width of the page, but I want to show a large number of fields. A previous post described setting up several layouts with overlapping columns and an arrow calling a script to move between them in order to view but this only works in browse mode, which doesn't display summaries. To solve this I have created a very wide custom page in the page setup menu with no margins which allows me to use the horizontal scroll controls to move across the fields. However now to print the report I have to create several layouts with A4 page sizes each with one page worth of fields and a script to print in sequence. This all works but seems very cumbersome and inelegant. Am I missing something simple here please? Any suggestions for a better solution?