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Viewing Portal Data Separately

Question asked by Dekade on Oct 29, 2010
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Viewing Portal Data Separately


FileMaker Pro Advanced 9.0

1)     I have Table A with 2 tabs and Table B

2)     Table B is viewed through a portal on the 1st tab in Table A.

3)     In Table B there is a field called "Parent Code" which contains one alphabetic letter chosen from a list of 12 letters (each alphabetic letter represents a different production operation)

4)     Table B also contains a field called "Divided Minutes" which gives a return of a number of minutes from a calculation

5)     Table B also contains a field called "Portal Row Cost" which gives a return of a number of dollars from a calculation

6)     On a 2nd tab in Table A I want to do the following:

        a.)      Create 12 separate portals or lists that show the accumulated data for each Parent Code letter (see 3) above)

        b.)      I would like each Parent Code portal or list to replicate each portal row and all row fields information as in the original Table B portal

        c.)      I also want to see the sum totals for the "Divided Minutes" and the "Portal Row Cost" for each of the Parent Code letters portal or list.

How do I pull these 12 different Parent Code categories of data from Table B portal and set up this display of data on the second tab in Table A?