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    Viewing Portal Data Separately



      Viewing Portal Data Separately


      FileMaker Pro Advanced 9.0

      1)     I have Table A with 2 tabs and Table B

      2)     Table B is viewed through a portal on the 1st tab in Table A.

      3)     In Table B there is a field called "Parent Code" which contains one alphabetic letter chosen from a list of 12 letters (each alphabetic letter represents a different production operation)

      4)     Table B also contains a field called "Divided Minutes" which gives a return of a number of minutes from a calculation

      5)     Table B also contains a field called "Portal Row Cost" which gives a return of a number of dollars from a calculation

      6)     On a 2nd tab in Table A I want to do the following:

              a.)      Create 12 separate portals or lists that show the accumulated data for each Parent Code letter (see 3) above)

              b.)      I would like each Parent Code portal or list to replicate each portal row and all row fields information as in the original Table B portal

              c.)      I also want to see the sum totals for the "Divided Minutes" and the "Portal Row Cost" for each of the Parent Code letters portal or list.

      How do I pull these 12 different Parent Code categories of data from Table B portal and set up this display of data on the second tab in Table A?



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          If you were using FileMaker 11, you could do this with a portal filter and a summary field defined in Table B, but since you do not, you'd need to set up 12 different relationships for each of your 12 different portals. I'll walk you through setting up the first such portal and you can just repeat the process to create the other 11.

          I'm going to use "A" as the first Parent Code.

          In Table A, define a calculation field, cAKey, as returning type text and enter "A" with the quotes as its calculation.

          In your relationships graph, click the Box for Table B to select it, then click the button with two plus signs to make a new table occurrence box that also refers to the Table B data source table. You can double-click this box and change its name to "ParentCodeA" or some such descriptive name.

          Drag from Table A to ParentCodeA so that initially, it has the same relationship that you've already set up for your first portal. Then drag from Table A::cAkey to ParentCodeA::Parent Code so that the relationship is now:

          Table A::YourPrimaryKey = ParentCodeA::YourForeignKey AND
          Table A::cAKey = ParentCodeA::Parent Code

          Now you can create a portal on your tab to ParentCodeA to see a list of just the Parent Code A related records.

          If you define a calculation field in Table A as: Sum ( ParentCodeA::Divided Minutes ) you'll get a calculation totaling Divided Minutes for all the Parent Code A records in your portal.

          Repeat this process for each of your remaining 11 parent codes and you'll get what you requested.

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            Thanks PhilModJunk,

            I think it is all clear to me. I will study it further then try to implement the solution. I'll get back with you if I have difficulty.

            By the way - can FM Pro 11 Advanced be run off of a FM Pro 9 Server?


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              Yes. The file formats are the same. Any features specific to 11 that are executed on the server side, will not function. You might try downloading the trial and testing with it to see how it works for you.