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Viewing records as a list

Question asked by earthimag on Jun 24, 2010
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Viewing records as a list



The version of FileMaker Pro you are using. - 8.5

The operating system and version you are using Mac OS 10.5.8


I am the ultimate beginner


datasbase not being shared over a network


I have about 10,000 records in my current database.  They open up each in their own record containing their individual information fields.  It is organized and very helpful when I am focusing on an individual record.  At times I would like to zoom out and look at multiple records at one time..  Sort of like on an Excel Spread sheet.  A table of data in rows and columns... This would make it much easier to make global changes and to see patterns etc.


Is this possible?  How?  Please walk me through step by step.


Thanks so much in advance.


3. Describe as much detail about your database as is pertinent to your question.  Otherwise, other forum participants will have to guess and/or ask for more information.

4. Give examples of what you are trying to accomplish, but can't.  For example, how you want a report to list information, what related information is not showing, etc.  This can really help the responder(s) when they suggest a solution.


6. Please indicate whether your database file is being shared over a network,