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Viewing related records

Question asked by webstyr on Apr 4, 2011
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Viewing related records



I am scratching my head on this one.
Here is what I have:
Layout: Three fields - account, staff, contact
Database: Four tables - account, staff, contact, po
Relationships: Six relationships 
   account to po using id_account as key 
  po to account using id_account as key
   staff to po using id_staff as key
   po to staff using id_staff as key
   contact to po using id_contact as key
   po to contact using id_contact as key
The hyperlink to the left of each field triggers a script that looks like this (substitute STAFF and ACCOUNT for CONTACT for the other two):
The attached script works great for the contact field, but the other two don't work. All scripts are the same except for the table specific parts.
I'm stumped! Anyone out there have any ideas as to why the contact link works, but the other two don't?