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    Viewing video clips in web publishing



      Viewing video clips in web publishing


      Maybe this isn't possible, but it seems as if it ought to be!  I have a network drive with a terabytes-worth of video files on it.  I'd like to have FM users search for files (by keyword, etc.) in a database available through instant web publishing and then click and get to view the video.  I have constructed a working database and a search returns a path\filename, but I can't figure out how to then launch the file.  I've used open URL script steps (using http and UNC) and container fields in a variety of ways and just can't get anything to work.  I can arrive at a number of solutions which work directly in Filemaker, but nothing which works through the web interface.  What am I missing?  I'm using 8.5

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          Thank you for your post.


          When a video (or file) is stored as a reference, the entire path is stored.  That is, if you originally set up this file locally, then the path specific to your machine is stored.  When a network user tries to access that video, it will try to find the file using the stored path, which is different that the networked machine, so the file is inaccessible.


          There is an exception...  If you are using Instant Web Publishing, store the video(s) in the Web folder inside the FileMaker Pro folder.  This will then be accessible by other users.  If you are using Custom Web Publshing with FileMaker Server Advanced, then you need to copy or move the referenced videos in the Web folder to the same relative path location in the root folder of the web server software.


          For IIS, move the files to:

          <root drive>\lnetpub\wwwroot


          For Apache, move the files to:



          Note: For container objects (videos) stored as file references, your web server must be configured to support the MIME types for the kinds of files you want to serve, such as movies.



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            Well, the thing is that we're talking about a terabyte's worth of data here, and I don't have room for it on the server running IIS.  Having said that, I put one file in there to test and still can't run it.


            The file path specified is good from any machine on the network; it's not on my local machine, it's on a network server and is available either by a UNC path or by http.  As I said, there's no trouble whatever opening the files from a number of locations using shared full filemaker installations, we just can't get to open the files through the web publishing interface.


            Any further ideas are welcome!

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              From the machine that is hosting the file, launch FileMaker Pro.


              Put one of the videos into the Web folder on that machine.


              Open your database file, go to a record and insert the video into the container field.


              Go to another machine and launch a Browser.  Enter the IP address of the machine hosting the database file.


              Go to the appropriate record, and you should now be able to view the video.



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                I am a videographer and photographer who has been using Filemaker for perhaps 20 years to run my business and still image database.  It’s been a great program.  However, I am by no means an expert or even medium-skilled programmer, Filemaker or otherwise. 

                I have two questions:

                1.  Using Instant Web Publishing to show videos on the web:

                I’ve followed the above thread, and it has been very helpful.  I have created a database that exists on the Desktop of one of my four Macs.  I have a nested folder called “video clips” that is also on the Desktop.  The actual video clips are Quicktime files that are in folders nested one level down from the video clips folder.  For instance, I have videos of penguins in the folder …/Desktop/video clips/PGN. 

                I will eventually have thousands of clips in this database.  I’ve used the above structure to organize my still images, and I would like to mirror this structure for my video clips. 

                I’ve been able to move the Filemaker database and video clips folder to various folders on various machines, and have used relative pathnames so that the videos will show up and play in the database as long as the database is in the same folder with the “video clips” folder.   I followed the tips in this article on relative pathnames for video files:


                I’d like to publish this database so that clients can view clips on the web.  However, the relative pathnames for video files don’t show up when a client is viewing the database using a web browser. TSGal’s suggestion to insert the video clips into the Web folder for the machine, then insert the video clip into the database works.  But it means that I have to reimport all the video clips, and cannot move the database and video clips to different machines or locations.  In other words, the relative pathnames for the video clips do not work.  I am wondering if there is a way to make relative pathnames for video clips work rather than having to rely on absolute pathnames. 

                2.  I have a database for my still images that I can easily publish to the web.  However, I need to develop an interface for this database so that clients can register, get their own “space”, and save found sets as their own “galleries.”  I am wondering if Filemaker makes a solution like this that someone like me can implement, or if this is a relatively simple thing that a consultant –anyone out there? – can implement for me.  I’d like to do the same thing for my video clips database. 


                PS I am using FM Pro 8, and have a version of 8.5 but have never moved to it.