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    Viewing/exporting embedded images on mass



      Viewing/exporting embedded images on mass


      Firstly, apologies if I don't use the correct terminology here.  My IT (and filemaker pro) knowledge is very limited.


      I have a filemaker pro database (file maker pro 9), and within the records in it, I have one column that contains images.  These images have been created using the drawing toolbar in word, and pasted into the cells in file maker pro.


      The images themselves are too small within filemaker for me to view them without viewing the form for each entry individually.


      I'd like to be able to view, and preferably print, these images on mass at a size that means I can see them properly.


      Is there a way to do this?


      (incidentally, I'm also getting error messages when I try to open a filemaker database without opening the software first - any ideas what this could be caused by?)

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          First. It is better to use Insert Picture (or Insert File, if some other kind of file). Copy/paste is not the best way to get this data into FileMaker, as it must pass thru the clipboard, which may reinterpret your image format. But it is possible that Word images would be the same; I don't know. Or that copy/paste is the only way you've got, as the image is only part of the Word document; I don't know that either :-]


          Have you looked at the Format, Graphic options for that field (column)? The default is Reduce or Enlarge. If the bounding box of the field on the layout is small, the image will appear small. But if you drag the box bigger, the image will get bigger.


          Personally, I think the best option for full size viewing is Crop. Then you see the image at the size it really is. If however some images would get chopped, then use Reduce (but not Enlarge, which usually makes no sense).



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            Sorry I really am new to this.  Can you tell me how I find the formatting options?  the format menu only gives text formatting and is all greyed out.


            A colleague has also asked me to send him a copy of the database and is suggesting "if you 'find' all records, then print, then all records get printed, you need to create a new page, containing the image field only" though not entirely sure what he means by that.  I'll see if he can solve it!

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              A colleague has explained how to edit the fields that are shown in the list view, so that I can view just the images, and my sample ids, and now I can view them all easily and scan for the samples that meet my criteria.

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                The Format options are "context-sensitive". The settings for most things that pertain to the field itself, on the layout are (not surprisingly) available only in Layout mode. And they are only available if they apply to that particular type of field. So the Format, Graphic... is only going to be active if you are in layout mode and have clicked once on (or dragged around) a field which has a field type of Container.