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Virtual lists and setting fields

Question asked by bigtom on Nov 27, 2013
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Virtual lists and setting fields


     So I set up a series of virtual lists for pop up selection. It works great and things are happy basically. I am having trouble being able to store the virtual list selections into text fields so I can use them for a text calculation. I have tried a few things and the best I get is that the field is not indexed or the table is unrelated.


     I related the tables with an indexed value. The virtual lists have three repetitions and only one of them should have the value set in the field. This is set by an independent virtual list. I tried a script to chug through the bits I do have, the nth record number of the record in the virtual list and the nth repetition I need. Not having much luck with that either.

     I may need to create this with a bunch of tables and relationships X3 for the repetitions. Not looking forward to that idea.


     Any help would be great.