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    Virtual Proofing of PDFs



      Virtual Proofing of PDFs


      I am working in FileMaker Pro 8 and wanted to know is there a way to develop a screen to allow for others to virtually proof pieces (pdf). Would I be able to notify them that there is something that is ready for them to view and then be able to view their comments?

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          Is the 'Piece' something that is a filemaker report or a PDF generated from a different source? If it is a filemaker report, they can use preview to "proof" it. If the PDF is generated from some other app, then you can store the PDF in a container field for them to open and preview (that's possible, in FMP 10, I don't know if FMP 8 can do this also).


          I can think of two notification schemes:


          1) a message that appears to notify the user that they have pieces to review when they open the file.

          2) send them an email from filemaker notifying them.