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           I think I have a VIRUS in my copy of Filemaker.  I have a database, which is list of names.  I can see the following at the end of the database:  





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               Can you describe that in more detail?

               What do you mean by the "end of the database"?

               If this is at the end of a layout, is it in a field or does it appear to be data on the layout?

               What do you see when you enter layout mode?

               If you create a brand new file from scratch, do you see this appear in the new file?

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                 I have a virus attached to some of the cells in my Filemaker Pro.  I use the Filemaker for a list of names, and etc.  I will attach a copy of some of this virus to the end of this email.  It seems that I have 2000 lines of good information and 2500 lines of this virus.  The virus is located at the end of my good part of the database.  In the layout mode it appears as data.  The virus does not appear in a new file.



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                 The above is what it looks like.


                 Dick Kloppenburg


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                   This could be a indication of file corruption, which can occur with or without a virus infection.  

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                     Do you copy and paste from another program - Word or a page layout program?  Or is the data keyed in?

                     Do you import data from dirty files or especially from webpages?

                     It could very well be a portion of another data file.  You could open a virus and copy the code and possibly paste it into filemaker, but there have never been a reported instance of a viral infection in a Filemaker Database.

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                       Duplicate the database, run Recover in Filemaker under the File Menu and check the log created.

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                         I am the one with the virus in filemaker.  I have tried the duplicate the file and then perform the recover function.  I have two Filemaker databases:  one I Military Hats, which is not corrupted, and two is a names database, which is corrupted.  I tried to locate, in applications, the names database file, so that I can perform the recover function.  I can find the Military Hats database, but I cannot see the Names Database, so that I can perform the recover function.  By the way, the Military Hat database is NOT corrupted.  Why can I not see and recover the Names Datebase?  I can open the file, and it seems to be functioning correctly, except for the corruption

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                           Save Copy (smaller) - the save location window should point to the database enclosing folder.

                           Sure it's not a Table in Military Hats and not a separate database?