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    Visibility and Printing with empty fields.



      Visibility and Printing with empty fields.


      Related to an older post:


      I am trying to use the calculation from that post on a HOTEL CHARGES field from the same table. I want to have a disappearing field label that doesn't print when the associated field is empty.

      I created a "HoteChgesPrint" field and made it a calculation field with the following:

      If (Hotel_Charges; "HOTEL CHARGES"; "") I also tried If ( Not IsEmpty ( Hotel_Charges ) ; "HOTEL CHARGES" ; "" )

      Hotel Charges is a number field and HotelchgPrint is a Calculation  field -- just as the other thread's calulation was true for Discount and Discount_Print.  It's set up exactly the same as the Discount Print field, but its not  presenting.

      "HOTEL CHARGES" is not appearing as the field label when HotelCharges has a number in it...

      any thoughts?