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    Visible Border For Container Field



      Visible Border For Container Field


      I inserted a container field for photos of contacts. In layout mode it has a border but in browse mode there is no visible border unless you happen to click in it.....if you didn't KNOW it was there you wouldnt know to click in it. In the appearance tab of the inspector the field has a black color and 1 pt line set.

      Why don't I see the border line in browse mode?


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          Like any other field on your layout, you can make borders visible or invisible and there are several different properties you have to check.

          1. Enter layout mode and select the field.
          2. On the Inspector's appearance tab, make sure that borders has been selected.
          3. If it has, make sure that the borders have a non-zero line weight and that they do not have a transparent pattern selected.
          4. Make sure that the border's color does not match the background.
          5. Return to browse mode and your container field should now have a visible border.