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VISTA, XP, Installers and Small Networks

Question asked by carlz_1 on Jul 25, 2009
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VISTA, XP, Installers and Small Networks


I created an application that I am making ready for use.  I have a two-fold question:


1. If a user wants file sharing for 2 users, can I use FM Pro Advanced and runtime or FM Pro Advanced and FM Pro.


2. With regard to using Runtime for a single user, I am having difficulty with Vista.  If I have it place the application in program files directory, it will not allow the creating of data files.  I realize I can put the data file somewhere else but most of my users will also be using another product written in Filemaker 6.  If I simply have them move the data file to the applications data directory, FM 6 may run instead of FM 10.


Bottom line is, can anyone please give me a little direction with regard to setting up an installation system that will run on both Vista and XP that will permit me to have a uniform data file location for purposes of updating the product?


Also, any special advice on providing updates?  I have written a script that imports all the old data into the new program, but if there is any experience and advice on this topice, I appreciate it very much.


Thank you.