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Question asked by KithClub on Dec 15, 2008


Visual Output




I am new to the board but have been a FileMaker user for several years.  Earlier this year it occured to me that I could make use of it in my volunteer work as well.  I chair the Recreation Committee in my subdivision and have created a database to track our community pool usage.  We purchased barcode passes and assigned them to each resident.  The resident simply scans-in at our clubhouse service window on his/her way to the pool.  Initially the program only identified a valid or invalid pass (Homeowners Dues Paid/Not Paid) but over time I have added report features so it generates total visits per hour/day/week/month and calculates averages.  Needless to say it has really helped our committee determine the best pool operating hours and greatly assisted our pool management company maximize lifeguard staffing.


I currently have a script written to only generate a tone if the pass is not valid.  I would like to purchase a red light (green, yellow, red lights) to supplement this system.  The idea is that all Resident Passes will indicate a green light if valid or a red light if invalid.  The yellow light would indicate his/her Guest Pass is valid or would also provide a red light if the pass is invalid.


My Question:

How do I write a script to generate this command and what additional equipment do I need to purchase to make this happen.  And what website can I purchase this additional equipment and of course the red light itself. The light will be outdoors so the lifeguards can see the light as members scan in.  The lifeguards will be instructed to review the history list when they call break.  This is to ensure residents aren't scanning the same pass four or five times.


I have already learned some helpful information by reading the posts on this board and I am looking forward to reading your suggestions.


Thank You!!!