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    VL Confusion...



      VL Confusion...


      Dear Wizards,

      I may not be understanding a limitation of Value Lists here, but…

      I am having the user choose a value for a field in a layout based on a Value List displayed as a drop-down.  The table that the VL is based off of has many records that are not ever going to be a consideration for selection and I have created a found set to eliminate those records from being displayed (or so I thought).  The found set IS working but the drop-down still shows all of the records in the pre-find table.  Do Value Lists recognize found sets as a reference?


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          "use values from field" value lists directly reference the index of values for a field. Found sets have no influence on what records appear in that list.

          But what you can do is use either a calculation field defined in your values table or a relationship linked to it, to produce a "hardwired" conditional value list of just the values you want to see in the value list.

          For examples of both methods plus 8 other versions of a conditional value list, See:

          Adventures In FileMaking #1 - Conditional Value Lists.