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    Volunteer bug tester with Mac OS needed



      Volunteer bug tester with Mac OS needed


      I've been going through the Known Bugs List database and checking out old bug reports to see if they still occur in FileMaker 12. To date, I've determined that 18 of these bugs do not occur in Filemaker 12 and have closed them with updates to the Known Bug List to show that fact.

      But I don't have a mac system and some bugs are listed as only ocurring on Macs. Unless someone with a mac volunteers a few hours to check them out, these will remain open as possible bugs in FileMaker 12. If you'd like to help improve the quality of both the database and the thread, please click my avatar Icon or name and send me a private message. I'll send you the info on a bug or two and when you report back, I'll update the lists accordingly.

      These lists are community driven so I need the community to pitch in if we are to keep this list accurate.

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          I can help, I think.  Mac OS Lion and Snow Leopard if you wish.  I have been using FMP since 2.5..... ouch are we that old!!!  I am playing with FMP12 now and converting  to 12 as i redo some files to incorporate the new "file reference" to save a large database file on remote drive.

          Do  you have the database to check or is it just some testing of things various things?  We run an old server version that 12 is not compatable.  So until we are fully up and running on Hosting under 10 clients, we will not buy a FMP 12 server.  This will limit me a bit.


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            The main need if for some folks to test the "mac only" bugs. If you click the link for the Known Bugs list database in my previous post, you can download a copy of the database file from my drop box. You'll find this link scattered through many posts here in the forum.

            Most of these bugs require reading the bug description (the database includes links to the report an Issue thread where a tech confirimed the bug, so you can dig deeper) and the repeating the circumstances that produced the bug behavior in the first place.

            What I've done, is click the bug report button, then click the list button to get to a list layout. I then enter find mode and specify reports that are "open". The resulting list is in increasing order by ID so the oldest open bugs are listed first. One click on a listed item pops up its bug report. If the OS platforms are Mac or Mac with the "only" check box, they are a good candidate for testing.