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Voting in Filemaker

Question asked by jbrigham on Feb 3, 2009
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Voting in Filemaker


Hello -


I'm trying to create a simple solution for allowing users to cast votes through a Filemaker database, preferably served out over the web.  I have a table of nominees and a related table of voters.  I have no trouble letting people vote, but I need to be able to limit everyone to only voting once for one nominee.  I have tried creating a unique field composed of the user's account name and a "voted" flag.  This works but is clumsy in that the errors returned are not very helpful or customizable.  I've also tried using custom access privileges but have not figured out how to impose the restrictions I need (e.g. user can create a record, but only one record, in the voter table).


Can anyone offer other ideas to pursue?


Thank you.