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    Waking Up An iMac



      Waking Up An iMac


           I use FM Go on my iPad to access the FMpro 12 host database located on my iMac (via local network wifi). If the iMac is in sleep mode FM Go tells me there is no access.

           Is there a way for me to use the iPad to wake up the iMac (running 10.8) so that I can access the host database?


           Thank you.

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               I don't know of any setting to wake the Mac from filemaker.   I have a MacBook Pro and I have no problems connecting to the database from my iPad when my mac is in sleep mode.   Your database has to be open on your iMac with sharing enabled.   There is a Wake for Network Access setting on my mac under System Preferences, Energy Saver.  I was still able to connect to the databases in sleep mode no matter the setting for Wake for Network Access.

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                 I have a colleague who has a similar problem but the other way around. Our database is shared on filemaker server on a mac mini.

                 But when my colleague's mac laptop goes into sleep mode the actual internet connection is lost and the database get's disconnected.

                 Which is very annoying because when she tries to reconnect she sometimes can't because her account hasn't been disconnected yet by filemaker server and she can't reconnect because her user is 'already logged in'.

                 So maybe the problem is that when your laptop goes into sleep mode it actually disconnects the internet connection.
                 And then it won't matter if you can wake it up or not, it's internet connection will have to be re-established and it's possible your iPad will have to reconnect as well.

                 But this is something you can test by connecting the iPad, letting the laptop go to sleep, then waking it up and looking to see if you can just contunie on your iPad.

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              Markus Schneider

                   a computer serving as host (=server) must not go to sleep!

                   simple (-:

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                     Markus schneider, In a business world, I would agree with you, but not with personal computers.   Just about every computer that you have, can host  printers or files.  With your statement sleep shouldn't be a feature.  I guess Apple and Microsoft must both be wrong, because both have it as a feature.   Another example.  If you have a part time business that you sell merchandise on the weekends.  There is no reason for the server to be running for 7 days, when you are only using it for 2 days and then you back to your real job.  Think Green. smiley



                     I perfer to just put my monitor to sleep and leave the computer running.   As a test, I did put my computer to sleep, and I had no problem connecting to the database.