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    Want Last Name only in Related Contacts



      Want Last Name only in Related Contacts


      I have kept the tab "Related Contacts" in my database. I notice that when I click "Name" it shows me people with the same first name, as well as last name. I would like it to show Last Name only. I have tried many things within the fields and the values list for but have had no luck. Any thoughts on how to pinpoint this to Last Name only? I am on a Mac and using FM10. Thanks.

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          I'm on FMP8 and the contact management template only shows related by last name when the "Name" radio button is checked.


          This is a relationship between the Contact Management TO and the Similars TO based on a SimilarsKey calculated field.

          There is a case statement in the Contact Management table field called "SimilarsKey" which references a SimilarNameKey.


          If this was changed in FMP10, the change is likely (guessing here) in the definition of SimilarNameKey.  Look into that field definition.  In FMP8 (where it's last name only) there it is simply "=LastName".


          If not, look into the SimilarsKey case statement to see how it is linking by first name OR last name.