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Want to do a FedEx search from input on a portal.

Question asked by j_rameses on May 31, 2011
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Want to do a FedEx search from input on a portal.


I have a layout called "clients". In there is a portal that retrieves data from a table called "Clients_Deliveries".  On that portal there is a button that takes them to a layout called "Clients_OrderForm".  There the user inputs data that goes to table "Clients_Deliveries" and several other tables.  From that layout, "Clients_OrderForm", the user clcikcs on Print or Close.  Which takes them back to the layout "Clients".  In the portal is some info for each individual record pertaining to that client.  I have an input field in that portal for the user to enter a FedEx tracking number.  When the user later wants to track the status of that package, there is a button next to it when they click it, it takes them to a layout called "FedEx Tracking" which should display the FedEx status of that package on the web page that opens up.  It opens up but I have two problems.

1) If I enter a tracking number into the portal after a record was created for that user, when I click on the button to launch the layout "FedEx Tracking" to see the status of the tracking number, the value does not populate on the script.  I get a blank FedEx page.

2) If I just enter a value in the FedEx tracking field without creating a record it places the value into the FedEx search when I click on the button to launch the layout "FedEx Tracking".  But when I click on a different record on the portal it uses the first record on the portal.

I would like to enter a tracking number into the portal after the record has been created because we don't get a tracking number until a package has gone to shipping department.  Once they generate a tracking number they let us know and we enter it into the portal where the input field for FedEx Tracking number goes in.  Then later on when a user wants to check the status of certain record in the portal, it should use the corresponding value to the "Note #" of the record.  I want to mention that the "Note#" is a unique number and is a primary key.

Please advise on how do I correct this? 

Attached is an image of what part of the layout looks like.

The "Start New Order" button launches the layout "Client Order Form" to enter the values needed for printing to include in shipment with package.

The button on the left of the date, launches the same layout for viewing.

The button underneath the "Track FedEx" label in the portal launches the layout "FedEx Tracking".  When they click on that button it should track the package for the corresponding tracking number to the Delivery#.  Some fields have been white out to protect our info.