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    Want to link photos in iCloud



      Want to link photos in iCloud


           Hi we have a very large data base that we use for our company. In that file we have a picture of each asset making the entire file extremely large. My question is,

           Can I place all of my photos in iCloud and create a link on each page it is associated with, so we can just click that one photo and have it load. Thus I we can delete the photos in our file making the overall file smaller and more manageable to deal with.

           I hope this makes sense. If further clarification is needed please let me know.

           Thanks in advance for any help.

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               If you find a way to do that with iCloud or DropBox, let me know--just got an iPhone yester day, but I don't think the "file structure" on iOS devices will let this work for FM Go. Short of linking to a hosted database, I believe the image files--or at least a lower res thumbnail would have to be embedded in a container field in the database.

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                 Thanks for the response. We are working off of iMac Pro laptops and not currently using iPhone or iPads to access the data base. It is on a server that we can access from the web. I was really hoping someone might have a little more insight to this.

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                   Sorry. I confused this thread with another that is quite similar and thought that you were using an iPhone to take and store the pictures in iCloud.

                   From a FileMaker Pro--as opposed to FileMaker Go on an iPhone, I know that this could be set up from Drop Box. I'm not yet familiar with iCloud so I don't know if it uses the same model as drop box. In Drop Box, you have a local folder that is automatically synched across all devices that share that drop box account. You can add, update, remove files from this folder just like any other on your machine.

                   If iCloud works the same way, then you can insert pictures with "store a reference" enabled into container fields in your database and then each of your users should have access to the images in the container fields.

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                     Hmmm, one Caveat on that: This will work so long as each device has exactly the same file path to the file in drop box. This is not always the case and thus a bit of creativity might be needed to ensure a valid filepath to the image files for all users.