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wanted: FileMaker 10 Training Series

Question asked by cna462 on Apr 6, 2010
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wanted: FileMaker 10 Training Series


I'm looking for the FileMaker 10 Training Series.  Due to old OS (10.4.11), which I need to retain access to other old stuff, I decided to buy v 10 of FMP rather than 11.  So far, so good.  I'm expecting it soon in the mail.  


But I'd like to get the FileMaker 10 Training Series.  I asked FileMaker, but they've stopped selling it, due to running out of stock & the new Training Series for  v 11 being available.    


Does anyone have a v 10 Training Series that I can buy as a used product? 




ps: I'm a newbie to this board & not sure this forum allows this post - if not, ok to delete it - but I'd like a suggestion as to where to post it instead.