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Wanted: FM10 Self Paced Training materials

Question asked by mstephan on Jun 10, 2010


Wanted: FM10 Self Paced Training materials


Hi All,


I spoke with Customer Service, and they suggested that I post a message here in this forum, to see if anyone has a FileMaker 10 Self Paced Training program that they would like to sell.


I should have ordered my FM 10 Self Paced Training kit a long time ago, but was sidelined with a couple of surgeries - so I sort of missed a good part of last year and the beginning of this one.  As a result, I never ordered.


I called and tried to order the FM10 Self Paced Training Kit from FileMaker directly, but was told that once the new version comes out, they no longer have a SKU for the old version.


If I cannot find anyone willing to sell me their FM 10 Self Paced Training kit, can someone please explain the differences between the FM10 and FM11 Self Paced Training series.  Would it be possible for me to study the FM 11 Self Paced Training materials in order to prepare myself for the FM10 Certification test?  If not, I am not sure how to prepare for the FM 10 Certification test.  Would something like the FileMaker Pro 10 Bible contain all of the needed material to pass the test?


Thanks for any assistance you may be able to provide.