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Warning messages in IWP

Question asked by ddixon752 on Aug 31, 2009


Warning messages in IWP


I've just rolled out an IWP system for recordkeeping at our school. Our users are such novices that we're concerned they may forget to click the Find button in the Status Bar before entering the Find criteria, thus overwriting data. I really don't see this as a major problem, especially since they would have to make the further mistake of clicking Submit (rather than FIND) to have their error do any damage anyway. But...


I've been asked to try to add a warning message that pops up whenever a user tries to edit certain fields. In FM I can do this through Validation - if more than 1 character is entered in the field a message saying something on the order of "You're about to change some text, is that what you meant to do?" displays. They can click Yes to override or Revert to back out and all is well.


However, in IWP a generic "You tried to enter more than one character in the field" message pops up rather than my custom message, and they aren't given the option to override.


Is there another approach to doing this that WILL work in IWP?


Thanks for any suggestions