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Warning on using comments in script names

Question asked by dzittin on Oct 9, 2014


Warning on using comments in script names


While having nothing better to do, I thought I would add some comments to my script names. 

For example, in the script list:    Fubar /* this script is very foo */

Don't do that...

Some of my scripts do things based on their names using get(scriptname), e.g., go to a layout based on a scriptname calculation. Apparently the script interpreter apparently does not strip away the comments leading to mystifying results.

Personally, I thought it was a great idea to annotate my scripts so that it shows up in a script list and as part of a "perform script" parameter.

So, as a request for enhancement (if this is done post FM 11, I apologize), it would would be nice to be able to add comments as part of the name.

I did not try the other comment format, "//".

No response required - problem solved. :-)