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Watch Folders for auto data populating?

Question asked by LightningAd on Apr 9, 2014
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Watch Folders for auto data populating?


     my database knowledge is extremely limited, so i wanted to ask this question here first..


     Is there a way to have FMP watch folders and automatically populate specific data entries based on the filename of new media dropped into the folder?


     What i want is to create a product page which uses a specific code number as the unique identifier. Then have the db  watch folders, so that when i drop a file with the same code number into a folder, a link is automatically generated.

     I make tv commercials and need to generate various media file types, each named the same except for the filetype extension. I want to store each file type in separate folders, and have the database recognise when new media files are added, and then link to those files?

     apologies if the terminolgy is incorrect - databases are really not my area!

     I have FMP 12