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    Way to timeout users who are idle



      Way to timeout users who are idle


           Trying to script a way to timeout a user either when they have been idle for too long or if that's not possible, if their session goes beyond a certain amount of time.  We don't have FM Server at the moment so I'm trying to get by without it if possible.  Any thoughts?

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               Take a look at Install ONTimerScript

               This can be used to set up a "timer" on the current FileMaker window and when the timer counts down, a script is performed--which could be a script to close the current file or even quit the application.

               If you want to get a bit fancy, you can set various script triggers on the layout that when tripped, they reset the timer--this can be a way to prolong a user's access session provided that their activies with the current layout keep tripping those script triggers.