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We need to hire someone for a couple scripts...  FOLDER SEARCH and Web Price Updates

Question asked by ToddFerguson on Jan 5, 2013
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We need to hire someone for a couple scripts...  FOLDER SEARCH and Web Price Updates


We use filemaker pro 11 and 12.  We are running everything on Filemaker Server now.  We want to upgrade to the web version and begin to use filemaker as a front end for our users to log in and pull.  Meantime, I'm desperate to fix a couple of laborious tasks.

     We are decent, but not pro programmers.  I'm hoping there is someone out there that is looking for some post holiday cash.
     Because I'm willing to pay, and pay right now!
          My database is set up to import a ton of data files from a company I work with.  
               These include sales data, quote data, product data.  We update these files daily.
               It's somewhat of a hassle, in that 5-6 files have to be manually selected each day.
               We have to manually search and update product web pricing so our salesman aren't ever caught off guard.
               Two things I need updated, coded, added..?!
     I'd like to fire off the import script, and have that script link to a new set of code that....
     a)   Looks in a folder and compares what is in the folder (filenames), against a table containing filenames.
     b) (These filenames were added by this script upon completion of an import.)
     c) Therefore, whenever our vendors drop a new file into each import folder (sales, quotes, pos), the new script will see the new file, import it, then add the filename, date imported etc. into the filenames table.
     Filemaker has a portal to add web search.  Any way to cause filemaker to kick off a script every night at 1am that will search my products database, by part number against a particular web site then update that price in the same table.    i.e.   Part Number XX3's price is now $$ dollars as of X date.
     We are based in Northern suburbs of chicago.  But, I don't really care where you live.  Just as long as you like money and can help us out!   Probably many other things in the future too...
     Let us know!